2014 Fast Sidedresser 8318


  • Rows: 17R30
  • Coulters: Fast Coulters
  • Rate Controller: JD Controller
  • Tank: 1800 gal
  • Tires: 380/46
  • Acres: 10000
  • Condition: Good
  • Details:  Adjustable axle, Ace Hyd pump, 2 sections, can fold back to 12R30
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Nitrogen Timing Study

The results below show a combination of 2015 results from their research plots as well as historical data since we all know that one year of data does not always repeat itself but over 3-4 years the best methods tend to prove themselves out. As you can see below, they have proven a significant advantage to side-dress with coulter injection from V3-V6 time period. Consistently, we can see that this application method and timing either through split application or 100% early season side-dress (V3-V6) beats out 100% pre-plant nitrogen applications and also significantly out-preforms late season side-dress application with high clearance equipment.