10″ Stainless Steel Hopper


The hopper attaches to the end of your auger and helps to funnel product eliminating waste and increasing efficiency. It weighs just 45 lbs and is made from 16g steel, making it easy to transport and install. It comes in multiple sizes to fit all brands and sizes of auger. The patented jack on the end of each unit makes it easy to adjust the height, pull the auger behind a tractor or truck, and store. The industrial strength belting molds itself to the bottom of the storage bin to reduce grain spillage. The Hopper is simple to clean out and comes in multiple models that can be used for augering both grain and fertilizer.

  • Available in 6”  8”  10”  12” and 13”
  • A clean-out door makes for a simple final clean out
  • Available in stainless steel or painted black carbon steel
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