Blu-Jet Legacy ST

What makes Legacy better than other Strip-Till Implements on the market? It’s a Commercial Class Strip-Till Implement that is field proven for high acre application. The Stretched and Staggered Row Unit Configuration processes more residue at faster speeds, allowing you to cover more acres per hour. Your choice of 385 or 295 Truck Tires on the mainframe and wings optimize flotation in the field, with better trans-portability down the road. Low/No Maintenance components mean less time in the shop, and more time in the field; and a mainframe that allows fine tune adjustments for depth across the width of the machine, and levelness from front to back.
  • 7″ Maxpac EB shank
  • Residue manager
  • 6×6 square tubing
  • Sealpro II sealers
  • Rolling Basket
  • Dry + Liquid Boot
  • Lifetime warranty on shanks
  • 5 year Frame Warranty
NH3 Hitch, Impellicone MNFD
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